Contract Law

A notice or direction to start work may be a waiver of conditions precedent      

Alliance Building and Construction Pty Ltd v Veesaunt Property Syndicate 1 Pty Ltd [2024] QCA 75 David Pearce  |  Clare Turner  |  Connor Wright (more…)

Enthusiasm does not guarantee a binding contract, but interest might!      

Taycon Pty Ltd v Williams [2023] QSC 297 David Pearce  |  Gemma Osborne  |  Jarryd Cox (more…)

‘Absolute discretion’:  not magic words resulting in a complete discretion      

Eastbound Estate Pty Ltd v DC Consolidated Investments Pty Ltd [2024] VSC 40 Nikki Miller | Isobel Carmody | Jack Holmes (more…)

Not so appealing construction dispute   

Thallon Mole Group Pty Ltd v Morton; Morton v Thallon Mole Group Pty Ltd [2023] QCA 250 Andrew Orford  |  Sarah Cahill  |  Jarryd Cox (more…)

Effective service viewed practically in the case of a bounced email   

Canadian Solar Construction Pty Ltd v Re Oakey Pty Ltd [2023] QSC 288 Sarah Ferrett  |  Matt Hammond  |  Lochlan Andrew (more…)

Gimme Gimme Gimme – all documents after termination of a contract   

ESR Investment Management 2 (Australia) Pty Limited v AllRoads Pty Ltd [2023] QSC 235 Michael Creedon | Laura Berry | Aidan Kleynhans (more…)

When can contractual preconditions restrain recourse to security?   

Descon Group Australia Pty Ltd v 35 Merivale Pty Ltd [2023] QSC 276 Sian Keast  | Mark Wheelahan | Aidan Kleynhans (more…)

Website advertising may determine obligations under a construction contract    

Quilkey & Anor v Tractile Combined Pty Ltd & Ors [2023] QDC 204 Sian Keast  |  Sarah Cahill  |  Jarryd Cox (more…)

‘Conditional’ practical completion: practically incomplete, legally invalid  

H & M Constructions (NSW) Pty Ltd v Golden Rain Development Pty Ltd (No 4) [2023] NSWSC 925 Andrew Hales |  Maciej Getta  |  Ersen Ahmet (more…)

When will consent to an assignment be unreasonably withheld?

Hawkesdale Asset Pty Ltd v Bennett [2023] VSC 409 Nikki Miller   |  Michael Lo  |  Millie Lewis (more…)

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