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Bingo Holdings Pty Ltd v GC Group Company Pty Ltd [2021] NSWCA 184

Andrew Hales, Amy Ryan, Will Ryan

Building and Construction (Security of Payment) Act 2021 (WA)

by Sophie Wallwork

Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021 (NSW), Design and Building Practitioners Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2021 (NSW) and Building Legislation Amendment Act 2021 (NSW)

by Andrew Hales, William Vu

Valmont Interiors Pty Ltd v Giorgio Armani Australia Pty Ltd [2020] NSWCA 90

by Andrew Hales, Claire Laverick, Naomi Graham

Meechan v Savco Earth Moving Pty Ltd [2021] QDC 14

by Michael Creedon, Allie Flack, Isabella Impiazzi

Ausipile Pty Ltd v Bothar Boring and Tunnelling (Australia) Pty Ltd  [2021] QSC 39

by Sarah Ferrett, Matt Hammond, Tia Shadford