Chapter 8 Deemed-to-satisfy solutions

Deemed-to-satisfy solutions prescribe various methods of design and construction including materials, components, design factors, and construction which, if used, are deemed to meet the performance requirements.

Examples of deemed-to-satisfy provisions include:

  • ‘ceiling heights must be not less than 2.4 metres in a habitable room’;
  • ‘a habitable room must provide an average daylight factor of not less than 2%, when available’; and
  • ‘a stairway must be designed in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.1 and must be not more than 18 and no less than 2 risers in each flight’.

In order to demonstrate that the performance requirements for a deemed-to-satisfy solution have been met, supporting evidence must be documented. If the factual deemed to satisfy provisions are met the design will be deemed to satisfy the BCA.