Chapter 13 Money for time

Delay, disruption and prolongation are described. Find out what contractual rights there are to delay or disruption damages and all about acceleration costs.

Chapter 14 Building industry regulation

This chapter provides an overview into building industry regulation in the states and territories of Australia. Licensing requirements, contract formalities, statutory warranties, home building insurance requirements and what to do if you have a complaint about a builder are covered.

Chapter 15 Security of payment

The Australian legislation covering security of payment is reviewed. Find out how to make a payment claim, how to respond and enforce your right to receive payment. Also covered is what an owner can do when faced with a contractor claiming under the legislation.

Chapter 16 Work health and safety

This chapter focuses on principal contractor obligations. The procedures for appointment and the obligations differ between the commonwealth, states and territories. The legislative requirements can have a major impact on property owners, tenants, developers and contractors. See how different scenarios will affect the principal contractor role.

Chapter 17 Termination

Find out how a contract is terminated or rescinded, what happens afterwards and what is repudiation of a contract. Sample case studies will make these contractual terms easier to follow.

Chapter 18 Dispute resolution

This chapter explains the various dispute resolution processes and identifies their advantages and disadvantages. Dispute resolution boards, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, expert determination and litigation are covered.

Chapters 19 – 24