Chapter 19 Claims under the contract

Find out about general damages for breach of contract. What are indemnities and how amounts paid under indemnities differ from general damages.

Chapter 20 Claims outside the contract

This chapter covers what to do when things go wrong and there is not an appropriate remedy within the contract. The concepts of breach of contract, negligence, claims under statue, good faith obligations, estoppel, waiver and quantum meruit are explained.

Chapter 21 Proportionate liability

In this chapter find out what proportionate liability is, how it affects risk allocation, when it applies and in which parts of Australia you can contract out of proportionate liability obligations. The obligations are reviewed on a national basis.

Chapter 22 Green buildings

Find out what a green building is and all about the commonly used rating tools: the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and the Green Star. The legal framework and considerations in going green are also discussed.

Chapter 23 Design obligations

This chapter looks at design obligations, design responsibility and warranties.

Chapter 24 Fitness for purpose

Fitness for purpose and the consequences of a warranty of fitness for purpose are explained in this chapter.

Chapters 25 – 28